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The StandardTravel Experience

The Standard Travel Experience is the experience that will include flight and/or hotel only. We include a link that will allow you to book your own transfers, travel protection insurance, tours and activities!

*Includes one Domestic or Caribbean destination

(For international travel look at the Beyond the Itinerary Experience)
**Includes 1-4 travelers

*All can include, but not limited to

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Flight Itinerary

  • Ticketing, flight schedule maintenance, seating & amenity confirmation

  • Reduced baggage fees, were available

  • Best seat selection

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Tours and Excursions

  • A link will be provided to book In-Destination Excursion & Attraction Guidance via our vetted ground operators.

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  • Accommodations (amenities provided with accommodations)

  • Shared shuttle service

  • Special Occasion Services (Birthday, Anniversary, Honeymoon, Graduations, etc.)

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Our trip was amazing  (besides a few hiccups), no fault of yours.  You were there from the beginning to the end to make sure everything was going as planned.  You took the stress away and helped create a wonderful experience. I will definitely use you for another trip and will recommend you to others.

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