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Welcome to the Roommate Connection Program

Find Your Perfect Travel Companion

Are you ready to turn your solo journeys into duo adventures? Our Roommate Connection Program is just the ticket you need. Here's the lowdown on how we’re making travel more fun, friendly, and fabulous:

🤝 Finding Your Perfect Travel Partner

  • Ever dreamt of exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo or the serene beaches of Bali but wished you had someone to share the experience with? We've got you covered!

  • With our Roommate Connection Program, we take the guesswork out of finding a compatible travel buddy. Our special formula is all about matching you with someone who shares your travel rhythm and vibes.

🌟 Why You'll Love This Program

  • Save on Costs: Share expenses and get access to group discounts.

  • Make New Friends: Enrich your travel experience by building new friendships.

  • Create Shared Memories: From sunrise selfies to sampling street food, these are memories you'll treasure forever.

  • Safety in Numbers: Feel more secure and supported traveling with a companion.


🔍 How Do We Do It?

  • We delve deep into your travel preferences, quirks, and interests with our quirky and fun questionnaire.

  • Our smart-match algorithm then pieces together your profile with other members, finding the perfect fit for your travel style.

  • Once we find your match, we'll introduce you both on our secure platform, where you can chat, plan, and get excited about your upcoming adventure together.

🚀 Your Next Steps

  • Select “Book Now” on any of our  trips

  • Choose “Double Occupancy” on your reservation form

  • Make your payment

  • On the thank-you page complete the reservation notes

  • Select “ROOMMATE MATCH” 

  • Hit “SUBMIT” and that’s it! 


Once you complete those steps, you’ll arrive at a page where you can share information about yourself and your travel preferences. It’s important to be honest here! The details you provide are crucial in helping us pair you with the most compatible roommate to ensure your travel experience with DebsTravel Club is truly unforgettable.

After we receive 75% of your reservation rate, you’ll receive emails from DebsTravel Club with the name and email address of your matched travel companion – and rest assured, we’ll share your information with them too.


And just like that, it’s all set up. Are you ready to find the perfect roommate to share your first (or next) incredible journey with? Visit Hacked & Packed Trips to discover our exciting upcoming travels.

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