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Grab Your Spot: DebsTravel Club Essence Festival 2024
Plan your best summer yet!

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We *know* you're probably somewhere sobbing into your pillow 'cause you missed the Essence Music Festival 2023, but honey, wipe those tears! 😭➡️🤩 2024 is going to be THE YEAR, and Debstravel Club is your VIP pass to the extravaganza! 💃✨

Can you even *imagine* what’s in store for the 30th Anniversary of the Essence Music Festival? I mean, we’re talkin’ A-listers like you wouldn’t believe! 🤩 Maybe Beyoncé and her wind machine, Rihanna and her fabulousness, and who knows, maybe even legends like Janet Jackson will be gracing the stage! 👑 We’re expecting the stars to align and create a cosmic cocktail of musical delights that’s gonna blow your sequined socks off! 🚀🎤

We gotchu! 😎 Debstravel Club’s got an *exclusive* package brewin’ and I swear it’s as juicy as the latest celeb gossip. 💅 We're zipping our lips right now 🤐 but oh-em-gee, once we spill the tea, you'll be begging to come onboard.

🚨This is your glam alert, darlings! 🚨 Make sure you’re on THE list to hear the deets FIRST and get your hands on our early bird special, because like a Beyoncé concert ticket, it’s gonna be hotter than hot! 🔥

Drop your email, double-tap that sign-up button like it's an insta post of your celebrity crush, and get ready to slay at Essence Music Festival 2024. 💌👑

If you thought you knew what fun was, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! 😉💋

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